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Membership of FTAA offers the following:

Networking Opportunities.
Through a series of business breakfasts, workshops, VIctorian and NSW Sports days, AGM and Xmas functions, FTAA provides ample opportuinity for members to network. With the number of events offered this ties in with everyones busy schedules and allows members to chose the most appropriate event.
Technical Workshops
FTAA aims to have two Technical workshops per year. In 2012 the topics under consideration are Packaging Hot Topics and Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing.
Links with Local Government
Important contacts are continually being developed with Government organisations such as FSANZ, DAFF,Human Services VIC and Safe Food NSW.
Co-operation with like organisations
It is important to forge links with other like organisations to keep members aware of activities that may be of interest to them. The organisations include AIFST, DIAA, AFGC, ILSI and FTAA is always looking to work with other food industry bodies.
FTAA Annual Sports Days VIC and NSW
FTAA runs two prestigious Sports Day Events which are always well supported. The Victorian Food Industry Sports day is held at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club at the end of February and offers Golf, Tennis, Bowls and Croquet. The NSW Sports day is held in August at the NSW Golf Club and offers Golf, Tennis and Surfing( for the really fit).
FTAA Newsletter and Communications
Until the Launch of this website the newsletter has been published three times per year and has been hard copy only. From MARCH 2012 Members will receive a quarterly electronic Newsletter in an easy to read and select format. Similarly FTAA aims to keep members up to date with new and interesting technical articles form a variety of sources. members also recieve their personal copy of Whats New in Food Technology.
FTAA Technical Committee
The FTAA Technical Committee meets monthly to consider current and proposed food legislation. It circulates and considers all FSANZ Applications and Proposals and comments on these documents. The minutes of the Technical Committee can be found in the Members Only section of this web site so that members can keep up to date with current items and issues.
FTAA is the coordinator of the Food Science and Technology Working Group (FSTWG). Following an FTAA  2011 Study on the Demand for FST Graduates ( To be found in the Insights Archive) this group is working on a programme to improve the skill base of FST Graduates for the Australian Food Industry.

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